Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Purple Emperor at Fermyn Woods

The Purple Emperor
I have seen several reports from the weekend of people seeing lot's of Purple Emperor butterflies at Fermyn Wood in Northamptonshire so I headed up there this morning hoping to get my first experience with this mythical beast. The drive up the M11/A14 was 85 miles and took just over 80 minutes with traffic being kind to me. I arrived at Fermyn Woods country park at 8am but decided to look for the car park around the corner so came back out of the park turned right and took the first right turn. I spotted two cars parked by some green barriers a few hundred yards up this road and the sign post again said Fermyn Woods so I figured this might be a good start and sure enough it was as between 8.30am and 11am I saw at least a dozen male Purple Emperor, a Silver Washed Fritillary, 4 White Admiral, Large & Small Skippers, Lot's of Comma, Ringlet and both Large & Small White. Throw in fly overs by Red Kite, Buzzard and Raven and it was a very rewarding few hours spent and the walk was only a few yards from the car too so I may return with my good lady to show her these Imperial beauties.
Purple Emperor (showing no purple)
A change of light and the purple shows.
His Imperial Majesty 
Male PE (with a few battle scars)
White Admiral
I had hoped for news on yesterdays Pacific Golden Plover at Rutland but sadly it wasn't seen today so I headed home with the year list still on 258.

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