Friday, 19 July 2013

More time with the Little Owls

I had a dilemma I travel to Titchwell to see a "possible" Black Scoter or do I stay local and enjoy the company of the Little Owls again. The Scoter is a mega rare bird with only ten previous British records but then again I've been to Titchwell recently and the Scoter flock is about a mile out and finding a Black Scoter in amongst them is not going to be easy unless they come much closer to the shore line, with this in mind the local Owls won me over. Also on my radar are Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush in Aberdeen and  Bridled Tern on the Farne Islands (both Mega but both too far for me to twitch) just noticed a report of a possible Eleonora's Falcon in Essex!!!!.. let that settle somewhere and I'm all over it and I might still be tempted to try for the Scoter tomorrow?

An adult Little Owl surrounded by Magpies looking for an easy meal
Adult Little Owl in flight 
Juvenile Little Owl
Juvenile Little Owl

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