Sunday, 28 April 2013

No sign of Subalpine Warbler at Languard

I couldn't resist the journey to Languard today in the hope that yesterdays newly arrived Eastern Subalpine Warbler had stayed over night. Problem was the night was clear with a bright moon so chances of the bird moving on had to be considered too.
Ringed Plover
On arrival at 7.30am (would have been earlier but the A12 was closed) several other birders were on site looking for the bird and we quickly joined the search. We found several of yesterdays Wheatear had stayed and a female common Redstart showed well too, Linnets were everywhere and a Ringed Plover dropped in from the beach to feed  presenting a photographic opportunity I couldn't resist although the ground was a little wet as I lie on it to get the shot I wanted.

Ringed Plover
We left mid morning somewhat disappointed with the dip putting out the news that the bird had not been seen.

The trip home was also delayed because of another accident on the's not been a good weekend for traffic delays but I suppose we should be thankful we weren't involved in the accidents and I still arrived in time to take the good lady shopping for more crafty supplies. (She really needed some!)

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