Monday, 15 April 2013

Dipping Hoopoe again at Tyttenhanger Gravel Pits

HOOPOE within twenty miles of home...I had to give it a try.

I arrived at Tyttenhanger Gravel Pits in Hertfordshire within 20 minutes of leaving home and made the short walk through to the fields where the Hoopoe had been seen. The fields held over twenty Wheatear and a couple of Yellow Wagtails but no sign of the target which is about right being now my eleventh dip on this particular species.

I walked around the lake and back and gave it a couple of hours work before giving in with the short journey home being reliant on the London orbital and the joys that can bring.

Red Kite, Kestrel and Common Buzzard all flew over and a Redstart was reported but like the Hoopoe not seen by me. I hope this isn't the start of another series of dips on this iconic bird.
(two Hoopoe dipped already this year)

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