Thursday, 25 April 2013

A day out in the Cotswolds and the birding is good too.

I took the good lady to the Cotswolds today as she has long wanted to visit the area.
We set off nice and early and arrived in Chipping Camden as the starting point of our tour of this beautiful part of the country.


Arlington Row Bibury 
Lower Slaughter 
The Cotswolds
A step back in time!
Thatched Cottages 
Suzanne took my old camera out today and most of the above were taken by her and very nice they are too.

We moved down to Bourton on the water, through the Slaughters taking in Snowshills before moving south through Burford and into Bibury which was by far the nicest place amongst a lot of nice places.

Bilbury gardens
As for the birds well how about a Peregrine seen flying over the road with a kill, I stopped the car and grabbed a couple of distant shots of the impressive falcon sitting in the field eating the Jay it had just caught.

Peregrine (and a Jay)
Add a nice Grey Wagtail whilst taking a coffee break on the river at Bibury and Mallards sharing my lunch and then there's the Red Kites which were just incredible so I've added a sample picture here but I'll post a few more tomorrow.

Grey Wagtail
Female Mallard
Male Mallard
Red Kite
A lovely day out enjoyed by me, the wife & Tia (who had a good splash in several rivers along the way)
This is an area we will return to for a longer visit at some time and if you haven't been then all I can say is... GO DO IT...IT'S BEAUTIFUL!


  1. Planning a trip to England in the near future - would you say the Cotswolds are at their best in April, then? It really does look surreally beautiful. We're still buried under winter here, but happily, we've been able to keep nasty squirrels away from our backyard feeders so there are lots of feathered friends. If you want to know how we did it, click here.

  2. Anytime would be good but I guess a nice clear sky day in spring would probably be the best visit. well worth the trip though.