Monday, 22 April 2013

Greylags make good parents

Having spent most of the day at my sons gardening I needed a birding fix so made the short trip to Fishers Green where I witnessed the Greylag Geese demonstrating their bond with the four chicks they have.
First they watched over them as they found food on the grass bank and saw off any other bird that ventured too close including an aggressive Swan.
As night closed in the adult took all four chicks and tucked them under her wings for the night.
A real tender moment that just underlines the commitment these birds have to show to raise a brood.
I'm hoping they can get the four chicks reared but will keep posting development here for anybody interested.

Four Greylags looking for Mum
All four chicks getting settled for the night
And sleep!

On the walk around Seventy Acres lake I had hoped for my first Hobby but failed to see one although eight Swifts hawked high up with the Swallows and Martins and a couple of Common Buzzard drifted over the lake. 

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  1. Beautiful pics of the Greylag Geese Especially loved the one where the mum was settling the babies under her wings for the night..don't know how you manage to keep getting the fabulous photos Brian, but please keep doing it, for some of us it's the only glimpse we get of the wonderful Birds and Animals..