Thursday, 4 April 2013


I took time between snow showers (yes snow showers in April...mad I know) to visit Lea Valley intent on getting a couple of pictures of Great Crested Grebes. I quickly located a bird on arrival and soon it was joined by it's partner. I sat on the bank and was lucky then to experience the pair building a nest and I even witnessed them mating which I've never seen before. The birds collected enormous sticks and then dived for weed on the bottom of the river to stick the fabrication together.

Great Crested Grebe
Nest Building
Making Little Grebes

On returning home I set up again to get another picture or two of the make Blackcap that's become a daily visitor to my garden.


Oh..and I found dozens of deer in Epping Forest on the way home too.....a site that's becoming much more regular.

Deers in Epping Forest

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