Sunday, 2 December 2012

Does a Kiwi count?

OK I'm clutching at straws with no birding this weekend as I had a planned visit to Twickenham to watch England beat the Kiwi's.
A terrific match, fantastic atmosphere and the result was just fantastic.
England V New Zealand 1/12/12
After the game I stayed at the Tower Hotel for the night which enjoys great views over Tower Bridge and the River Thames.
Tower Bridge with the Shard in the background (The old and the new!)
Throw in a trip to Brick Lane for curry and it was a lovely day / evening.

Only birds noted were a Cormorant in St Katherines dock and a Sprawk over the M11 on the way home.
That is apart from some well beaten Kiwis.

Had a Blackbird visit the garden today that had a white collar. It didn't stick around long as the local chased it off quick time. It's a good looking Blackbird with a leucistic collar going round the back of it's head.
I'll try to grab a record shot if it appears again but I fear the locals will push it on.

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