Thursday, 6 September 2012

Short Billed Dowitcher Lodmoor dilemma


I have the car booked in for a service today.....with a lifer 3 hours away BAD TIMING!

I have set myself a "soft" 2 hour twitch rule..that is to say if something drops in and it's less than 2 hours (ish) away I'd go.
The SB Dowitcher would be a lifer...they just don't land on the island! so maybe I could stretch to 3 hours?...but the cars in the garage!

I have a meeting planned for tomorrow and I go away tomorrow night so it looks very much like this little lifer is going to escape me unless it hangs around then I may catch up with it at some point.

This game needs boundaries. It needs a sense check on every twitch. Costs need to be considered.
Time needs to be considered...dare I say the better half needs to be considered!

So all things considered....I still want to go and see it!

fingers crossed for it to be a long stayer!

Took this shot of the moon this morning...seems closer than normal


  1. Just seen it courtesy of a kind fellow with a scope. as a new birder l feel pivileged-& it's gorgeous

  2. Congratulations.....I think it may be a while before your next and my first.
    well done today on the tick though....let's hope you have many more.