Friday, 14 December 2012

Buff Bellied Pipit in Berkshire

With my Xmas holiday officially starting yesterday I found myself still at work today presenting in Watford.
Now fate is a funny thing.....15 miles down the road an American visitor was seen yesterday at Queen Mother reservoir in Berkshire.
Datchett Sailing Club
News broke this morning the the Buff Bellied Pipit was still showing but a mixed message regarding access to the reservoir was put out.
The Jims decided to try their luck so I arranged to meet at a local church and drive the next 15 miles together.
The Jims minutes before their next  lifer

We arrived on site still unsure if access would be possible and the weather was nasty. As we pulled up at Datchett Sailing club we found Lee Evans sitting in his car at the gate and he had decided to man the gate all day to allow fellow birders access which was really good of him. He gets his share of bad press but those that knock him should take note of today's actions. I for one was pleased with his gesture as it allowed me to connect with a lifer.
American Buff Bellied Pipit

We walked left to the far corner of the reservoir and found a couple of others already on the bird which always helps. The sky was grey and the rain was heavy but I managed a couple of record shots only due to the fact that the bird showed to within a few feet on the reservoir banks as it took food from the waters edge.
Buff Bellied Pipit
Great bird...nice tick but we did get a good soaking to get it.
Bird 278 for the year and the life list is also boosted by it too.

now...WHAT NEXT!

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