Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A trip "up north" delivers two lifers

With a meeting in Darlington I took the opportunity to stop off for a couple of ticks on the way up.
First at Eyebrook reservoir Leicester I found myself climbing the gate and walking along the plantation path stopping to view the hundreds of Tufted Ducks in the hope that the Ring Necked Duck would be amongst them.
Not the best welcome!
Plantation Path Eyebrook.

I walked the whole reservoir and scanned over three hundred TD's with no joy. Plenty of Goldeneye, Grebes and Coots but no RND. On the walk back the rain started to fall so my pace quickened but for reasons un known I still decided to stop half way to scan the TD's again and BINGO! The Ring Necked Duck revealed itself and the 36mile detour proved fruitful. I walked back in the rain much happier having seen the target. Back at the car park I watched Coal Tit's and a GS Woodpecker on the feeders before heading back to the A1 to continue the journey north.
From here I moved on to Anglers CP in Yorkshire. I visited this place before at which time I dipped out on the American Wigeon.
Anglers Country Park

I make my way round to the main hide and as I get there a SEO flies up in front of me from the path...a good start!
In the hide I find the American Wigeon roosting on a small island close by which is great as the bird then gets up to walk about before swimming around the island to give great views and then flying to the other side of the lake. Also here are LT Duck, Greater Scaup, four Whooper Swan and at least 18 Goosanders.

I leave for my meeting well pleased that the journey provided this opportunity for me.
Two lifers and my year list moves to 277.

Now back to thoughts of Strategy , ROS and EBIT!

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