Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll at Aldeburgh Suffolk

I saw the European Arctic Redpoll that spent last winter in Norfolk. That was a Coues's Arctic Redpoll that lives and breeds in the Tundra of North America and Northern Europe. The bird in my sites today was a Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll ( Carduelis hornemanni ) and it has travelled from Greenland or Canada.
The people twitching this little guy could well be the first people the bird has been in contact with, it certainly shows no fear of man.
The Redpoll is in that grass on the left.

The bird is a first for Suffolk and a very rare visitor to our Island.
Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll

 We spent a few hours today with the little star either side of a walk around a very quiet Minsmere.

Quite a crowd

Along the way we found a house surrounded by strange garden ornaments / sculptures
These steel sculptures are the work of Suffolk artist Paul Richardson

The Gulls also enjoyed a little of our lunch which gave me an opportunity to catch a couple of shots.

Having now seen Coues's and Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll I'm ready for the official split when it comes and a nice armchair tick on the life list!.....surely the split will come.

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