Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Waxwings in Buckhurst Hill Essex

Well it's taken a while but the Waxwings have finally made Essex.
A phone call this morning from Jimmy to let me know the birds seen yesterday on Palmerston Road had stopped over night and I was on my way.
A five minute drive for this twitch and I find Jim senior leaning on a lamp post at the Albert Road traffic lights.
Parked up I find seventeen Waxwings in the Poplar tree which was nice as only fourteen had been reported yesterday. Before long the birds drop to feed on the Rowan in the old peoples home gardens and I manage a couple of shots although the light was poor but it's always a pleasure to see these visitors.
The birds were very vocal and standing across the road from them you could still hear them trilling above the traffic noise.
Standing there with cameras clicking we got a lot of interest from the locals and a few went home with a little more knowledge of this particular birds habits which I'm sure they'll share with family and friends over dinner tonight.

PS. The Blackbird with the white collar has made a couple of brief stops in the garden again today but still evaded the camera lens.

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