Sunday, 28 October 2012

Waxwing at Languard

So the clocks went back last night and I missed the meet....still sleeping when the phone rang to tell me I was ten minutes late.
So a quick wash and in a flash I have the Jim's in the car heading up the A12.We decided that we'd search Holland Haven for Long Eared Owl today but after two hours we drew a blank.
We did get good views of Little Owl in the usual tree and a Sparrow Hawk flew past twice. I thought I had an Owl in the distance being mobbed by crows but it went to ground too quick for an ID.
Others birds here were Redpoll, Grey Wagtail, Goldcrest, Redwing and douzens of Blackbirds.
Both Green and Great Spotted Woodpecker showed on the woodpecker post by the dead tree.
Lot's of finches and pigeons on the moved again today and a large flock of c50 Fieldfare headed south.

We moved on to Languard. As we walked the fence line of the observatory I picked out a Firecrest and again Blackbirds by the douzen.
The ringers had the tapes playing loud and proud to lure birds into the nets but all they seemed to be attracting were Blackbirds.
As we walked the footpath in front of the observatory the old man had a very rare moment.
He found something!
"What's that in this bush guys?" And the rest is history as he finds a Waxwing. A moment to savour.
The bird showed really well for us but in the grey rain the camera stayed in the car so I have posted a picture taken earlier. (This is not the Languard bird)

Time to head home...we need to dry off as it's been a morning of drizzle and it's turned cold now too.