Sunday, 21 October 2012

Red October

I like Autumn!
Japenese Maple

The colours that surround us are amazing and something I've always had an eye for.
I have a real appreciation for how light changes and enhances them too.
A red bush can be just that until all of a sudden the light changes and it becomes a stunning red bush.

So this morning with a family day planned and the boys coming along for some roast beef with the girls I find myself pottering around helping the good lady get ready but I can't resist a coffee in the
garden and whilst I'm sat there I start birding as always happens.

Jays duck and dive trying to steel peanuts without being noticed by the local Magpies who seem to think my Garden is there's to defend.
Two Goldcrest feed in my neighbours pine tree. Starlings make a rare visit to my garden for some left over cake. (I don't get many Starlings as a neighbour puts out fat balls and that takes them to his yard which I don't mind as it frees my garden for tits and finches etc)
A Jackdaw drops in along with Collared Dove, Wood and Feral Pigeon.
Blue Tit and Great Tit make use of my feeders with the Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Chaffinch.
A Robin and Dunnock clean up below the bird table with a couple of Squirrels and both BH and Herring Gull circle over head.
A Squirrel squirrelling peanuts

Nice half an hour doing what I do now back to work....where's that hoover?

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