Monday, 29 October 2012

Desert Wheatear at Abberton

Wouldn't life be great if your disappointments could be overcome so easily every day.
Having dipped on the Desert Wheatear at Worthing on Saturday news comes of another bird at Abberton in Essex on Sunday.
The news is too late for me to get to the bird before dark as with the clocks going back on Sunday it's now dark at around 5pm.

Desert Wheatear twitch at Abberton
 So I watch with interest and with a work meeting planned for 10am I convince myself that a trip before work might be my best chance of catching the bird.
I set off at 6am this morning and was on site before 7am. On arrival a small group of birders had already gathered on the causeway and waved me as I got out of my car prompting a gallop in case it was my only chance. As I got to them I glimpsed movement as the bird dropped of the sand mound and out of sight.
Was that going to be it?..Did I really see enough of it to tick it? No was the answer to both questions.
The bird popped up just the road width away and worked it's way slowly up the causeway giving the group good views.
I would have loved to stay and watch the bird for longer but I had to get to work so left at 7.30am and was in work for 8.30am with a big smile on my face.
If Saturday was a trip to forget then today's was a perfect run.
No traffic at all on the way their or the way back to work. A group with the bird in scope on arrival.
The bird coming within a few yards doesn't get much better!

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