Saturday, 27 October 2012

Dipping the Desert Wheatear at Worthing

I have debated long and hard in my mind about making the trip to Worthing for the Desert Wheatear.
The reports dried up yesterday at lunchtime so I thought that it had moved on and the trip was postponed.
Then late last night it gets posted as still there late evening and with it being a bird that I'm told likes to move in the day and not by night I start thinking it may stay.
Then the temperature drops and the wind picks up from the north both things likely to move this bird on.
I wake this morning and it's snowing, could the signals be any clearer?  "Don't go it's gone!"
 "If you don't go it'll show early and be off by lunchtime"...these are the voices in my head.
Throw in "Go to Norfolk with the NE wind it'd be a good day up there.

I pick up Jim and we head down to Worthing arriving around 9am.
Worthing Pier
Lot's of birders walking the beach and they don't have to say anything it's written on their faces....NO SIGN!
We waited until 10.45 but this was to be a big dip.
We picked up a nice Slavonian Grebe that drifted past nice and close and a couple of Pipits gave us distant hope of our bird.
Of note was the large numbers of Wood Pigeon coming in off the sea. Hundreds of them.
Finches flew past heading east.
Searching for the Wheatear
My scope took a fall which pleased me no end and we got stuck on the A2 for an hour on the way back so not the best days birding of the fact probably the worst....wish I'd listened to the other half of my brain and gone to Norfolk.  (PS..Worthing's a great place but the trip was a dog)
Sorry Jim!

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  1. No need to say sorry to me mate.
    I wanted to see the bird as much as you.

    The fact that it wasn't there this time is all part of the joys of birding.

    Where we off to next? :D