Monday, 6 January 2020

Richard's Pipit at Halstow Marshes

A quick stop at Snaresbrook on the way through to the Blackwall tunnel allowed a few minutes to connect with the wintering Caspian Gull again and then it was through the tunnel and down the A2 to High Halstow and after a bit of searching we found Clinch Street and managed to park up close to the farm to start the long walk out to Egypt Bay bumping into Barry W. as he walked back. The walk is long at around 3km and we picked up a first for the year when a Reed Bunting appeared infront of us about half way out. Barry had given us some good info on where to expect the Richard's Pipit and he wasn't wrong as I flushed the bird as I approached the bend by the concrete blocks. For the next hour or so we watched the bird at distance but it did give nice views with bins and scope.

Richard's Pipit
Richard's Pipit
Richard's Pipit
A map to help if you fancy a 6km return walk for a Richard's Pipit
The Jims falling behind on the long walk back to the car
Egypt Bay
Local Art work..this one's called Hard Hats on a wall it's just along from shopping trolley on the shore
Year list now 126

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