Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Iceland Gull at Beckton Sewage works

We've been watching news of the Beckton Iceland Gull recently and Jim managed to get a little help with directions from Shaun H a couple of days ago so today we made the short drive down the north circular to Beckton. We parked as per the local advise at the Showcase Cinema and quickly found the track to the rear although we did take the wrong path marked riverside walk which took us back to Jenkins Lane but a quick U turn and we were back at the junction and took the North Lagoons path which was a pleasant walk past Beckton Creekside Nature Reserve to the very end of the river Roding where it meets the Thames.

The End of the Roding (or is it the start)
The gulls food source
We found the Iceland Gull in no time and managed a few record shots through the wire fence. A scan of the other gulls present revealed nothing out of the ordinary but we did get a bonus year tick with two Common Sandpipers on the river bank. We couldn't find the reported Siberian Chiffchaff and in fact didn't see many Chiffchaff at all.

Iceland Gull
Iceland Gull

Loving life at the sewage works

chilling by the Tanks

gave nice views through the fence

Iceland Gull

A nice local find
Year list now 166

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