Sunday, 3 February 2019

Who reads my ramblings

I was checking a few settings on the blog and stumbled on the audience page which revealed a few interesting facts about the people that read what I consider my countryside diary.

By far the biggest audience comes from the UK as you'd expect followed closely by the USA  but the surprise to me was to find that the third biggest country hitting the blog is Russia followed by a good selection of European countries with China sitting among them and a very small scattering from Singapore and Malaysia etc.

Pageview map
Then it reflects the browsers being used which added a little interest .
Google and internet Explorer shared about 60% of the total with Firefox and Safari the only other browsers of note with about 5% of the total outside these four browsers. 

The page also lists the operating systems being used and highlights the massive amount of readers that use Windows (71%)  with no other system topping 6%.

So this shows that most people finding my blog do so in a Google search on a Windows system and the key search used is "birding blogs uk" .

In summary it all means very little and I shall continue to write the diary more for my own enjoyment. I find it really useful to look back over a few years to see where I was going and what I was seeing and to reflect on those more interesting twitches and equally it's nice to drop in to like minded blogs and follow where they've been and what they've seen with some of it inspiring me to get out to these places too.

Now I need to knock out this chest infection and start planning a few trips.


  1. I also have a large following from Russia which I find odd as never a comment from there!! Get well soon Diane

  2. thanks Diane...nothing that a good days birding won't fix

  3. nice to finally meet you today Brian (and the rest of the Andersons!!). clearly you are being targeted by Russian bots.....
    keep it up, i do my blog for the same reason - as a diary which i have a read of to cheer myself up!!!

  4. Good to meet you too Paul, see you around