Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Hudsonian Whimbrel split accepted by IOC

The IOC accepted Hudsonian Whimbrel as a seperate species on 1st January

So we can now put the deleted bird back. Bubo are just waiting on IOC  v10.1 before putting it back on their lists but it doesn't look to be far away and when it happens my life list will jump back up to 411 and I said it was about time a split came along for me following last years lumping of Steppe Grey Shrike.

I saw the bird back in June 2015 when it was a seperate species on our BOU lists but when we changed to align with the IOC the bird fell off the list so its taken nearly five years to tick this one.

Now where's that split for American Horned Lark and American Black Tern?

Onwards on Upwards
Year list still 126

PS: Another article on the subject here.

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