Saturday, 1 June 2019

Year list update as we move into June

As mentioned previously I'm hoping this year will be my best ever year list.
To achieve that goal I need at least 287. I sit on 257 at the end of May and my best ever June total is 256 so things are looking ok but I'm counting no chickens.....everything else just no chickens.

So I move into June taking anything as a bonus being ahead of my best June already but the goal I'm setting is to be at 265 moving into July so just the eight ticks in four weeks and the fun starts tomorrow as I drive the Jims to Minsmere with them both needing Iberian Chiffchaff for life ticks. Looking further ahead one tick a week gets me to 287 but with 257 in the bag finding these extra 30 ticks will bring me some real challenges but I'll be giving it a go.

I've had a few people tell me 300 is easy but I've been trying for nearly ten years and I can say that it's proving a proper challenge to me and at this stage I'd take the 287

Onwards and Upwards and now where's the next tick?

I'd take a Little Stint for starters.
Year list still 257

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