Thursday, 6 June 2019

Great Grey Shrike at Needingworth Gravel Pits

I drove up the M11/A14 today to look for the Great Grey Shrike that's being reported at Needingworth Gravel Pits. I've never visited these pits before but easily found the Ouse Fen car park to begin the long walk around the pits towards the entrance to the working pit. I heard numerous Turtle Dove and a single Yellowhammer as I walked the paths. I got lost and then found the correct path but even on the right path this is a long walk (at least 4.6km as a return walk) but the prize was worth it as the Shrike chased dragon flies from the security fence by the pump station and would fly within a few feet of me before sitting in a willow just a few feet away to feast.

Year list remains at 257

Great Grey Shrike
Great Grey Shrike and a darter
Great Grey Shrike
On the wires
Great Grey Shrike and a hawker
The long walk
The prize ( A real stunner)


  1. Fabulous photos. It looks very fluffed up, guess it was a bit chilly there as it is still here!
    Enjoy your weekend, Diane

  2. One of my all time favourite birds - Great photo's Brian

  3. Thanks Tony and any Shrike falls into that favourite box with me but this one is so happy to spend time with us too it's a bit special.

  4. Thanks Diane..yes it sluffed up when resting but got all slim again when on the hunt for its next dragon fly.