Sunday, 23 June 2019

Little Bustard at Slimbridge WWT

After a heavy morning in the garden I was just about ready for a nice afternoon resting in front of a bit of sport on the TV but that was before news arrived of a Little Bustard being found at Slimbridge.
A quick call to the Jims and we arranged a meet once we'd established the reserve would remain open after hours so we could actually get in.

We got to the car park at 5.05pm with the reserve closing at 4.30pm but the volunteers had arranged to take us in after hours for a £10 fee. They were giving an escort at 5pm 6pm 7pm and 8pm and we'd just missed the 5pm run but fortunately another volunteer turned up and kindly took us and by 5.30pm we were stood on the sea wall looking at our first ever Little Bustard. It was distant and gave just pop up head views until about 8pm when it walked out in the open and gave virtually a full body view to make the tick a lot more acceptable.

There was a steady crowd of people coming and going in the escorted movements and I'd guess around six hundred people came and went while we were there including a good few familiar faces from Essex and beyond.

Year list now 264 Life list now 404

One of the escorted parties leaving
The general area the bird was seen in during our 3 hours on site

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