Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Lesser Grey Shrike at Horsey

I planned to visit the Suffolk Norfolk border yesterday but the weather put that plan on hold until this morning. I decided to stop first at Hazlewood  Common and it proved a decent shout as we quickly connected first vocally and then visually with the Quail that's spent the last few days there. The bird seems to favour the field on the left about a hundred yards after the houses but was seen in flight heading to the pea fields on the right of the footpath.

From here we headed twenty miles north to Kessingland and started a two hour search for the Woodchat Shrike without joy. The bird appears to have moved on but with only seven people looking it could simply just be playing hard to get.

Our final destination was a further twenty miles north were we parked at the top of Nelson Head track and walked all the way to the green shed. The weather had closed in by now and we were happy to take shelter behind the shed to scan the fence line were the Lesser Grey Shrike eventually showed.
I picked up the bird in flight into the trees and managed to pick it up again taking refuge from the wind and rain but it remained a little distant.

year list now 261

Lesser Grey Shrike at Horsey
Lesser Grey Shrike (a true record shot)
The Green Shed

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