Monday, 17 June 2019

Great night with Nightjars in the Kings Forest

We travelled up the A11 last night and found our usual forest clearing with ease. We plotted up and waited hoping that with the full moon shining we might get some early Nightjar action and we weren't to be disappointed. At 9.10pm we had our first call then a brief churring. A Woodcock flew over and Owls could be heard calling in the distance. Large bats came out to play then by about 9.25pm the real Nightjar action started. We had both male and female birds flying around our heads, calling, churring wing clapping and making that noise they do as they fall from the perch. We had one bird sitting up on a nearby tree on several occasions and we left at around 10.30pm having had the best ever Nightjar experience and bring about tick 262 for the year list.

Image from 2014 and my only daylight sighting of a Nightjar

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