Monday, 21 May 2012

Wilstone Reservoir

Decided on a stop off at Wilstone tonight. The reservoir has a small car park which has a few steps taking you up to view the water. As soon as I reach the top I'm scanning the hoards of Common Tern and soon locate the years first Black Tern flying with them. The short walk to the hide reveals Great Crested Grebe, ducks and Geese along with the usual woodland birds and lot's of Swift. From the Hide I get good views of the two Hobby hawking and a Kingfisher flies by. A Sprawk darts across infront of the hide and puts the Lapwings up before a Common Buzzard flies through with a Carrion Crow making sure it doesn't get too comfortable in the area. The Crow makes an attempt to raid the Terns nests but they group together to mob him and he leaves without reward. Reed and Sedge Warbler call but no sound of the Savi's that was reported here this morning.  A short drive away is Star Top End Reservoir and a quick stop here gives me the Grey Heron pictured below along with Pied, Grey and Yellow Wagtail but little else of note. I have moved one closer to the target and find myself needing just 12 now to hit the target of 250 different birds this year. The target is taking me to some wonderful places and with the recent influx of some great birds I'm confident that I can find the missing dozen.
Great Crested Grebe

Common Tern

Grey Heron

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