Saturday, 12 May 2012

Friday 11th May. Back to Essex

Packed up early, car washed and hoovered, breakfast made and eaten and we're off. I've been following the news on Birdguides that the Squacco Heron has moved from Chew Valley to Blagdon Lakes but it's not reported this morning. Despite this I feel the need to take the 30 mile detour once I'm over the bridge. As we drive through Bristol we can't believe the beauty of the Clifton Suspension bridge..what a sight!.

We head for Blagdon as all I know is the bird has been seen at the top end of Blagdon lake.
I can see the lake but it takes a while to find a route in. Once in I find the office and ask the attendant if the Heron has been seen to which he replies "no not today do you want a permit?" now not being tight but I'm thinking I'm here to see the bird he's just told me isn't here and now he wants money.
Any way I pay up and drive the car round to the hide at the top end of the lake where the bird has been seen for a few days. There's a guy with bins in hand and he tells me he's seen it fly into the Willows near by so I plot up and wait. Suzanne makes the coffee as this is now our half way break. An hour later and I'm getting itchy feet. A little crowd has started to gather so I decide to have one last walk along the path and then it moves. I stick the promised arm in the air and the crowd start to walk in my direction as we're all rewarded by terrific views of a terrific bird. When feeding in the meadow the bird appears very brown but when it takes a short flight it reveals that it's wings are pure white and just the body is brown.
I got a distant shot to reflect this.

Great bird and my 226th of the year. 24 NOW REQUIRED FOR MY QUEST TO HIT 250 THIS YEAR.
Off to Scotland on Sunday with the boys with 14 birds on the target list (be happy with ten of them)

But trust me I know that last 24 are going to be hard to find!
Mind you it's taking me to some great places trying.

Squacco Heron Blagdon Lake


  1. Nice one, Didn't get it on the way down, So get it on the way back. I like your thinking. :)

    1. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do...great wee bird tho!