Saturday, 19 May 2012

A few more pictures from the scotland trip

Ben Nevis range
Water falls
Red Deer
Loch Garton
Adnamurchan Bay
Ben Nevis
Ben Nevis
Laggan Dam


  1. Yet again another stunning set of Pics, so glad you enjoyed your trip to Scotland, I have the priviledge of living 10 mins from Loch Lomond (Dumbarton), and being originally from Yorkshire (another beautiful part of the country) I really appreciate the Wondeful Scenery we have here in Scotland, but it takes a very talented photographer like yourself to bring out the Awesome Beauty of the This part of the country that we all share..Well done
    Ps loved the pis of the Nevis range....Awesome! ..

  2. Sorry Brian , it's meant to say Pics of the Nevis range!