Friday, 11 May 2012

Monday 7th May: Owls at Shute

A trip to Fishguard today taking in Strumble head.
Strumble Head Lighthouse
The sky is grey and the air is wet but still very scenic. Gannets and Porpoise from the watch point. Lot's of Wheatear in the fields but very windy so we head back into town and pick up some lunch which we decide to picnic at Fishguard fort which gives great views over the harbour.

Herring Gulls all around and the usual Corvids and then a close encounter with a Raven which was a real highlight. We crossed the hills and stopped at a Burial Mound which happens to be the biggest in Wales .
Terrific views over the hills and again Raven "bark" as they scan the valleys.

Back at Shute and Suzannes see the Barn Owl fly past the window as she shouts "Owl" I catch it through the kitchen window but it's being chased by Crows so doesn't hang about.
In the evening we have bats over the pond....I don't know bats but one small  black one and one large brown one with black wings.

I'm sitting outside sipping wine (well padded up with jumper and coat on) and I hear a Tawny make one short call before it flies through the garden and into the churchyard. (224)

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