Monday, 23 March 2020

update on isolation

So today is day fourteen of my self isolation and I have as yet no symptoms so maybe I escaped the exposure from my father in laws infection this time. The isolation isn't difficult after all people of my grand parents generation went through two world wars so how can we think a couple or even a few weeks staying in our homes is a sacrifice. It has its challenges like how to get food when you can't go to the shops and all the on line slots are taken but compared to years of war....come on!

I do miss the birding and I have to admit to considering some fairly local isolated days out to help fill the large gap and for my own mental health but I guess a further lock down is due any time soon and so I may have to make do with more garden birding and who knows I may add another tick to the garden list over the spring.

Stay safe guys and try not to be the person that gave it to somebody else.

Something to look forward to later in the year


  1. Glad to hear that all seems to be well for you. I think this could go on for quite a long time and we are in total lock down here. We are only allowed out of the houe to shop and we have to have a permit for each trip. 100,000 police on duty here to make the law is enforced with heavy fines.
    Take care Diane

  2. Same here now Diane...Government just announced total lock down