Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Difficult day at Dunge

Today we drove down to Dunge and at first light started to scope the gulls on the shoreline. We'd hoped to connect with yesterdays Glaucous Gull but it evaded us despite four hours on site. The sea was flat and calm with little to report save a few Great crested Grebes a single Guillemot and a Red-throated Diver.

View as we walked down to the patch
At Hanson hide we found the Red-necked Grebe to the relief of several birders that were looking for it. A pair of Peregrines on the Pylons the only other birds of note during our mornings birding.
Two tough days this week so far but at least we didn't decide to go for the Dipper in Northampton which has gone missing today.

ARC pit

ARC pit

Onwards and upwards!


  1. If I had of seen Peregrines that would have made my week for me! Cheers Diane