Sunday, 1 March 2020

Golden Pheasant in the Brecks

We headed up the A11 this morning hoping to connect with Lesser Spot Woodpecker at Santon Downham but we took a slight detour on route and jammed on a roadside Golden Pheasant for our trouble. At Santon Downham we had a couple of Woodlark singing and displaying as we walked down from the car park to the river. At the river we found Dave B. who had located "the tree" that the woodpeckers had started to use this year. We next found Graham and Geoff but after a couple of hours of catching up all we had for our trouble was a couple of fly over Cranes. We left and decided to give the Shrike at Fincham a try but this too proved fruitless at the bird had departed during a morning shoot and was either someplace else or deep in cover. I did however get the camera out for a trio of Grey Partridge here.

Grey Partridge

Grey Partridge
Our final destination for today was Cockley Cley where we enjoyed good scope views of at least three Goshawk attempting to display in the strong winds.

Tick wise not such a good start to March but we enjoyed a good chat with the other guys, got Golden Pheasant out of the way for 2020 and who can moan about watching Goshawks however distant.

Year list 184

Onwards and upwards!

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