Friday, 17 May 2019

More Spoonbills and F-16 Falcons

F-16 fighting falcon at Lakenheath
Incredible speed
Imagine sitting in that cockpit and flying it at c1500mph

Spoonbill at Cley
Latin name: Platalea leucorodia  meaning (Platalea/BROAD) (Leukos/WHITE) (Erodios/HERON)
Interesting to see that the french call them Spatule Blanche and the Italians just use Spatola.

They are great birds to watch though and one of my first birding memories was seeing my first at Minsmere way back when I was just a child which I guess was a summer visitor as this was in the 1970's.

After a gap of 300 years the Spoonbill returned as a British breeding bird in 2010 and thankfully this  success continues giving more people the opportunity to see them.

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