Sunday, 26 May 2019

Squacco Heron at Titchfield

Jim and I made the 100 mile journey south this morning to Posbrook Flood in Titchfield.
As we arrived the Squacco Heron had just been seen prompting a mass exodus and leaving us to refind the bird ouselves. After about ninety minutes I'd managed to walk around the far side away from Jim ans as I spoke to him on the phone to check he wasn't on the bird I noticed it in flight and we both  managed to connect at the same time and Jim managed to highlight to the small crowd with him.

After waiting another hour without seeing the bird we left for Acres Down some 25 miles away.
We saw a Redstart on the way in and then picked up several Tree Pipits to give Jim another year tick.
From the view point we had several Goshawk, several Common Buzzard a very distant but possible Honey Buzzard and a Red Kite. Three Hobby hawked and a couple of Hawfinch were seen by others.
A single Goshawk flew up and sat in a tree for a few seconds but we failed to find any tickable Honey B's.

Year list now 252

Squacco Heron at Titchfield
Squacco Heron

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