Monday, 20 May 2019

Whiskered Tern at Dungeness RSPB

Well I suppose I should land the pun now.....One good Tern deserves another!

We popped down to Dunge this afternoon hoping the reported Whiskered Tern would hang around and it did. We got straight on it seconds after arriving at an empty Dennis's hide to give us all a Life tick. We watched it floating around the pit and often resting on the shingle island in front of the hide making it easy to see all the ID features. We left to try for the Serin that Dad still needed for a year tick but when news came through that a Roseate Tern was now on the same island at Dunge we quickly made the call to try for it as we were only six miles away. Marco jumped in with us and within a few minutes we had arrived back at Dunge only to find the hide now full and the Roseate sitting on the island with the Whiskered Tern. After a few minutes the Roseate flew off high towards the power station but I'd picked up another year tick and the Jims had landed there second lifer of the day.

Marco showed us a new scrape in Ashford that will be worth a look in the future as we drive to Dunge.

A good afternoons work

Year list now 251
Life list now 402

Whiskered Tern
Roseate Tern

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