Sunday, 28 April 2019

Red footed Falcon in Rendlesham

After a dawn raid on Minsmere where we bagged the Savi's Warbler and then Grasshopper Warbler we also picked up the Red footed Falcon on the way home to add three year ticks.

The Savi's warbler was easy as we could hear it's buzzing call on the way down to Island Mere hide.
Within seconds of entering the hide we'd picked out the bird sitting in a bush in front of the hide which pleased those in the hide who hadn't managed to locate it at that point. Also seen from the hide were a couple of Otters, a pair of Marsh Harrier and at least two Bittern.

We walked around to South Hide and picked up a Gropper reeling on the bend between South and the new wildlife look out(the old west hide). This bird proved much harder to see and it took ninety minutes to finally get on the bird as it reeled away sitting in the brambles about six feet in front of us.

At Rendlesham we parked up outside the old runway strip and found the owner of the house had agreed to us going into his garden to get a little closer to the runway. From his garden we watched the Falcon as it sat on the light platforms and dropped to the ground for beetles etc. On a couple of occasions the bird got up high and gave stunning flybys to the respectable crowd. Big thanks to the owner for the hospitality which I hope wasn't abused.

Year list now 233

Red-footed Falcon at Rendlesham
Red footed Falcon 
Dive bomb
Using the platforms well to spy on the pray below
A real stunner
what a bird

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