Saturday, 13 April 2019

Black winged Stilts return to Vange Marsh

A call from the Jims this morning to say they are heading down to Vange for the Stilts that returned yesterday and I agree to make the trip with them.
On arrival we parked up in Chestnut Road walked under the flyover across the railway line and on to the marsh taking in the lovely view of disgarded Tesco shopping trollies along the way. As we approached the mound we could see four people already scoping the waters edge and sure enough they had the pair of Stilts in view and quickly out us on them.

Nice to see a pair again trying to make a home in Essex this year, let's hope they show some success. With the closure of Pitsea tip the numbers of gulls are down so they may settle better this year.
Also seen today was a Spotted Redshank and good numbers of Blackwits, Ruff and Avocet but it was bitterly cold so we didn't hang around too long and made it home around 9.30am

I added Arctic Tern at King George Reservoir in the week and managed to dip the Winterton Hoopoe to my total frustration which leaves the year list now sitting at 203.

Black winged Stilts at Vange Marsh
Arctic Tern with the Commons on the cage
Wheatear at the King George
Onwards and upwards


  1. Love the Wheatear. Happy weekend, Diane

  2. Hope the stilts succeed in breeding this year. Rarely comment but always enjoy looking at your photos.

  3. Thanks for commenting and yes they must have a good chance this year at Vange or Bowyers, fingers crossed for them.