Sunday, 10 July 2016

MALE Rosefinch Walthamstow Marsh

DIY and WORK have prevented me travelling the short distance into East London for the Rosefinch all week but after the Jims connected in the week I was duty bound to give it a go so after a couple of hours on Saturday night in strong winds when I dipped I then returned at 6am this morning.

Parked up in the Ice Rink car park I walked along the canal path and after a few hundred yards arrived at the Anchor and Hope Pub. Two birders were in place and had just seen the target on an ariel of the pub so I was hopeful that I might on this occasion connect. Scanning across the canal I watched every bird that landed on the ariels. First a House Sparrow then Goldfinch and a Great Tit before finally after over an hour the target sat up and started to sing. By now there was a small twitch developing and we all enjoyed the bird as it performed for the next hour or so dropping to feed in the gardens then returning to sing from the ariels. At one point it flew across the canal and sat in the brambles next to us but failed to sit up for the camera. The song was impressive and the stunning red plumage of this male bird was well worth delaying a little plumbing.

Walthamstow Marsh is a little oasis in what is now a very trendy part of Hackney. Lot's of Reed Bunting, Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Whitethroat and hundreds of Ring-necked Parakeet. I can't see it being long before more good birds are found taking a little break on this patch.

Record shot!!!       Common Rosefinch at Walthamstow Marsh

Year list now 251

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