Sunday, 3 July 2016

More DIY and more garden birds

Still stuck at HQ with the DIY but I still found time to get the camera out during my coffee breaks and I had a few!

A Starling with both closed metal ring and open colour ring marked HDX has been visiting my feeders this year and today I managed a photograph to help pin down the lettering on the ring.
I'll try to find out what I can about the bird but if anybody reading this has anything to offer please leave me a comment.

Common Starling
I also managed a distant shot of one of the young Robins but sadly it appears one has been lost to the local cat. The Blue Tits continue to entertain.

Young Robin trying to survive
Couple of youngsters at the drinking well
Blue Tit
Juvenile Blue Tit

A male Common Rosefinch has just been reported at the Walthamstow Marsh but I'm just too knackered to make the five mile drive for it.

DIY isn't what it used to be or maybe I'm just getting too old for it or is it that I'd just rather be birding!

Year list still 250


  1. Hi Brian

    I found this on the site:

    Common Starling
    Orange ring with a black 3 alpha-numeric code (on left leg) and metal ring (on right leg).

    note 1 : first digit : D

    note 2 : birds ringed in county Hertfordshire, UK.

    note 3 :

    Mr. Keith Dean,

  2. Thanks Chris I'll try to find out a bit more from the Herts ringers.
    appreciate the commenting