Monday, 18 July 2016

Sabine's Gull Carr Vale NR Derbyshire

With a meeting in Yorkshire today (Yes I had to drive to Yorkshire and back today for a meeting) I managed to find time to make the 3 mile diversion off the M1 to Carr Vale NR where a Sabine's Gull has been resting on a small pond for a few days.

I followed the postcode given on the news pages S44 6UU and pulled up at the bridge. I could see a very small pond with gulls on so parked up and walked back over the bridge turning right into the field. A short walk of a hundred yards or so and I was looking at several Black-headed Gulls and in the middle the splendid looking Sabine's Gull. The light was reasonable and I managed a few respectable shots which are shown below.

Year list now 252

Sabines Gull
Sabine's Gull Carr Vale NR
Sabine's Gull

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