Sunday, 27 July 2014

Roding Valley fields

I had a lunchtime commitment to keep involving me, my lawnmower and my sons garden so sacrificed Black-winged Pratincole at Ouse wash and instead popped over the Roding at 6am this morning.

A sleepy juvenile Owl
I had another encounter with four Little Owls although I also had a fifth bird calling behind me. Green Woodpeckers hopped about feeding on the insects of the field with the Magpies and Crows. A pair of Mistle Thrush and a single Song Thrush were joined by two female Blackbirds and several Robin and Parakeets continued to make noisy flights back and forth.

Green Woodpecker
Mistle Thrush

A decent couple of hours birding and home in time for breakfast but still hoping to catch up with the Pratincole at some point too.

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