Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Black-headed Wagtail Marloes record accepted

So I finally made a little birding history of my own when my record for Black-headed Wagtail at Marloes last May was accepted by the BBRC.

I remember the day well, on a spring break with my good wife (an annual event) we visited Marloes having missed the Skomer boat. Whilst scanning the fringe of the water I noticed the wagtail and straight away the dark black head jumped out and I knew I had a form of wagtail and that with the very dark shade it had to be black-headed. I called a local warden and he too got on it and put out the news locally and a small group of locals eventually visited to see the rare visitor.

The bird was a first for mainland Pembrokeshire with the only other record being on Skomer back in 1986 and at the time there were only 17 accepted British records so quite a rare find that would have attracted more interest if not clouded by the race issue surrounding Yellow Wagtail and the fact that although accepted by the BBRC the split isn't recognised by the BOURC but it could happen and at that time the bird will find it's way on to my life list instead of sitting as the best bird I've seen that is not on my list.

Other news:Bufflehead at Trimley...I feel a weekend trip if it hangs around as it could well be accepted even it if seems a strange time of year for it to turn I'll plan to see it Saturday if it's still there just in case it makes it on the list!

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  1. Bufflehead now a probable escapee after a colour ring was seen on the bird so a trip (and a long walk) would seem to have been saved. Hopefully use the time to do a little more local birding.