Monday, 28 July 2014

Bee-eaters breeding in the UK again

Just got home to see news that the Black-winged Pratincole has not been seen at all today at Ouse Wash so I may have missed the boat on that one but perhaps it's working it's way south as I type?

Anyway happier news has arrived in the fact that a pair of Bee-eaters have nested and are thought to be feeding young on the Isle of White.

The species has nested here before with the first attempt being made in Scotland way back in 1920 but breeding failed. In 1955 Three pairs nested in East Sussex raising seven young between them and in Durham back in 2002 a watch point was set up at a nest site and an estimated 15000 people visited as the pair raised two young. In 2005 a nest was predated by foxes in Herefordshire and the last other known attempt was in Dorset in 2006 but this attempt also failed.

So news today of the Isle of Wight nest site is exciting. The pair are nesting on the Wydcombe Estate and it is assumed the young have already hatched but numbers are not yet known. The national Trust have set up a wardened view point so people can enjoy the birds and expect the young to leave the nest in the next couple of weeks. The birds should hopefully hang around until late August at least so a visit will be on the cards which may help me finally put a tick against this cracking visitor and a breeding bird would be that little bit more special.

Watch this space!


  1. we will be watching that space, to be with you.

  2. That's really great news Brian.

  3. Great news and a bit of a bogey bird for me so hopefully i'll finally put that to rest over the next couple of weeks???