Saturday, 15 June 2013

Oare and Elmley

Spotted Flycatcher
I woke early this morning and decided to take the Jims down to Faversham as they still hadn't seen the Black Kite. We arrived on site at around 7.30am and had to wait around an hour before we had a distant sighting of the target as it flew along the far ridge of the valley but it was enough for them to tick it. We waited a couple of hours but it didn't return despite several Common Buzzard and a Sparrowhawk showing. We left to search the local lanes and found a pair of Turtle Dove before pulling into the local church were we found Spotted Flycatcher and a Hobby flashed through too. Then the pager buzzed into life with the message MEGA ALERT : Pacific Swift Trimley Marsh. Now we were in Kent over a hundred miles away and thought the swift would be a fly through so we carried on birding in Kent with a visit to Oare Marsh  followed by a trip to Elmley with the pager buzzing with messages of conflict ranging from "not seen since xxx" to "re found at xxx" along with "police on site issuing parking tickets" and "park in village and WALK to the reserve then follow the track for THREE miles" so we decided to give it a miss which could be a decision we live to regret but hopefully the bird will show again as it makes it's journey down the east coast. Swift dilemma aside we had a decent day down in Kent.
Meadow Pipit at Oare Marsh
Little Egret at Elmley
Oyster Catcher at Elmley

Marsh Harrier and Lapwing


  1. Brian. My son would like to try and see the Kite. Can you advise where best to see.

    Regards, Ian

  2. Hi Ian, Head from the A2/M2 junction and take the minor road to Selling turn left at the t junction then first right, follow this road for about a mile and it comes to a grass triangle park on that, walk back a few feet and scan across the wheat field over the valley with the bird being seen more towards your left by the pilon on top of the hill. Lot's of Common Buzzard around so check carefully. Good Luck