Wednesday, 26 June 2013

MEGA ALERT: Black Winged Pratincole at Shellness

News came out at lunch time today of a Pratincole "species" at Shellness NNR in Kent.
I waited for a second report and sure enough the bird had been seen again so I jumped in the car and made the 70 mile journey. I parked in the car park and walked the sea wall to the hide (about a mile)
Since the early report the bird had been seen again and confirmed as a Black Winged Pratincole and I wasn't to be disappointed as I got views of the bird as it flew up from the reserve and then drifted high and West and appeared to be moving on at around 4pm. We waited for further news but the bird wasn't seen again.
The sighting has been reported to the county recorder and I understand photographs were obtained  too so the record should be good to stick. Here's hoping it's relocated and more people get to see it.
Bird 255 for 2013.

Britain has seen 39 Black Winged Pratincoles with the last one being in 2009 which travelled between Kent and Norfolk between 10th May and the 12th June so maybe this bird will be pinned down again. Here's hoping

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