Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Long Tailed Duck at Canada Water Rotherhithe WHY?

After reading a couple of blogs regarding the Long Tailed Duck that has decided to spend some time in the middle of Rotherhithe on a small area of water in the middle of a retail park next to Canada Water station I couldn't help but take the short fifteen mile drive to check it out.
Long Tailed Duck
Long Tailed Duck
Firstly I was amazed to find free parking, that's not expected anywhere in London but I parked up and walked across past the station to view the water. I quickly found the Long Tailed Duck in the middle of the pool so occupied myself with Heron and Cormorant while I waited for the sea duck to come closer and eventually it did as did a pair of Common Tern as the male brought fish to the female before mating took place.
Grey Heron
Reptile Eyes
Common Tern (with Stickleback) 
Long Tailed Duck

Why this sea duck has decided to drop in on a fresh water pool and taken a liking to bread is beyond me but it appears healthy enough and dives for almost a minute at a time so hopefully it'll find it's way home soon.

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