Sunday, 22 July 2012

These boots were made for walking!

Today has been a day of rest....well rest from driving about looking for stuff to see anyway.
Up early as always..breakfast sorted my attention turned to the garden. Grass cut, edges trimmed, weeds pulled patio swept etc etc and I'm ready for some quiet time.
A two hour sit in the sun reading the latest copy of Birdwatch magazine followed by prawns and rice (very nice and spicy) with a little Pino to wash it down.

A little egret flies over , eight swifts scream by, a large group of over thirty Jackdaw fly over calling at each other all the way. The garden Robin keeps me company most of the day looking for anything to support it's second brood. (first brood only raised one baby)
Blue Tits come and go at the feeder and the local Squirrel pops in and out while the dogs cooling down indoors.

As for Butterfly action the Buddliea does it's job and attracts Red Admiral, Small & Large White and Gatekeeper to the garden.
A large red dragon fly comes to the pond which already has the resident red and blue damsels and a shell from the common Hawker that emerged yesterday.

Got some little wasp like insects around the Ivy today..not seem them before.
looked them up on line and believe them to be
ICHNEUMON STRAMENTARIUS easy for you to say!

I have counted at least ten different wasp/bee species in the garden today (not got a clue of their names I'm afraid)

As for birds and adding to the 250 seen to date well there's a White Rumped Sandpiper and Pectoral Sandpiper within an hours drive but you know what it's going to have to wait for another day because although these boots are made for walking they're going nowhere today and the car is not leaving the drive!
I'll keep an eye out this week on theses two though and do my best to catch them somewhere.

Rest easy will be needed soon!

Just to finish the day well I'm sittiing sipping a nice cold beer when a Hobby flies over the garden and sticks around for a few minutes while I find my Binos and get some good views of it.

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  1. any chance you can do my garden and I will watch for the butterflies and bees????