Saturday 25 May 2024

Great Reed Warbler at Ouse Fen

Well it's been a while since I added a year tick, I've got twitchy over Indigo Bunting but never found the time to visit Durham for it and the same can be said for Thrush Nightingale at Blakeney point and Collared Flycatcher at Kilnsea. I did managed to add Yellow-legged Gull to the year list at Rainham last week but otherwise I've been tied up with family stuff until this morning when I took Jim up to Ouse Fen just an hour from home hoping to see the Great Reed Warbler that's been there for a few days.

We parked up and walked about half a mile down to Crane fen where we could hear the bird calling long before we landed on the viewing mound. Over the next couple of hours it called almost constantly and chased the Common Reed Warblers around giving the odd view as it stopped to announce itself.

Bitterns boomed and we had one fly right whilst four flew left and another bird boomed from the reeds so we could safely say there's at least six Bittern here and it's always great to see them in flight.

The pointless year list moves on to a disappointing 209 but I hope I can add a few with some planned day release.

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