Tuesday 5 September 2023

More of the Osprey at Bowyers water Lee Valley

The Osprey at Bowyers water in the Lee Valley remains on site visiting both Friday Lake and Bowyers water to fish. It always exits to the north but nobody has reported any sign of it to the north so where it roosts is still a mystery and probably a good thing meaning it's not getting disturbed at all.

I visited on Thursday and the weather was really overcast and although I saw the bird come in I missed it dive as it went behind the island to fish. On Saturday I returned and after an hour saw it come in take a fish and exit but again the weather was against me and the camera being very overcast so I returned yesterday at noon with bright blue skies very little wind and plenty of sunshine it was very warm. I found a platform in the shade and at 1.10pm the bird came in and did a circuit before taking a fish for lunch and heading off to the north to consume and digest it. Knowing it takes a couple of hours to return I thought about heading home but decided instead to do a lap of Bowyers to see what else I could find. A common Buzzard, Chiffchaff and Common Sandpiper where the only things of note so I plotted up on a fishing platform and waited for the bird to return which it did around 4.45pm but on this occasion it left without catching anything.

I wonder if it'll stay until this nice weather breaks or weather it'll use the nice weather to move on. Two birds have been reported but there are no pictures of the second bird which I find strange and witnessed several people calling Osprey when it was a Buzzard so I remain to be convinced of the two bird news.

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